Antepost Betting Option for Premier League 2018/2019

English Premier League is becoming increasingly interesting and the battle for the first place between Liverpool and Manchester City has led everyone to follow the results of both teams. Last round Liverpool had 7 points advantage and their chances for the championship title were excellent. However, the loss in the direct match against City with 1:2 gave new hopes for Pep Guardiola and his players to defend their title from last year. But what do the bookmakers think about who will be England’s champion for this season? We can find that out if we look at the odds for the final winner of the championship given by the bookies.

Of course, thanks to their four clear points advantage, Liverpool is still the favorite. The odds for the reds to become champions are right now 1.83. Right behind them are Manchester City with 2.25. The bet for the latter looks really promising because the four points difference is not that much and in the next few rounds Liverpool are going to have a major match as a Manchester United away. A possible loss in this match will reduce the odds of Manchester City which could give good options to cash out a possible bet, made today.

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But, to make the game even more attractive if you decide to be a risky player and you think neither Liverpool nor Manchester City will be England’s champions this season, then the odds you will get for the other teams are more than good. If you bet for Tottenham to win the championship, you will get odds of 17. Chelsea’s chances are calculated at 126. Interestingly, Manchester United has better chances to become a champion – 251 than those for Arsenal – 501, although the London players are ahead in the current standings.

One such high-odds bet for the Premier League title is not that unjustified. Just remember the 1997/1998 season when Arsenal was behind with 12 after Manchester United on Christmas but nevertheless became champion two rounds before the end.

How to win from sports betting

One of the hardest things which one could face is to win money from sports betting. The reason for that is in the margin which the bookmakers use. The margin is that magical thing that brings profits to the bookmakers and makes us lose money in the long run. If you are not aware of what is a margin, let’s explain it with few words. Let’s say the odds for a football match to end with more or less than 2.5 goals are 50 to 50, but the bookmaker gives you odds as if the odds were 48 to 48 percent. The remaining 4 to 100 percents are actually the bookmaker’s profit. These 4 percent lead us to loss in the long run while betting.

The margin varies with individual bookmakers, individual sports and competitions and even with the different betting options for one particular sporting event. It can be between 2 and 14 and even more. Hence the answer to the question of how to win from sports betting and it is very simple. We have to bet on sports and matches where the margin is low. This increases our profit and allows us to earn something even with a lower success rate.

Take, for example NBA basketball matches and tennis matches from ATP. You will notice that the odds for winning Asian handicap in basketball matches is 1.91 in Bet365, while the same odds for tennis matches are 1.83. This is a big difference and shows that if we concentrate basically on basketball at the expense of tennis, we will have more chances for success in the long run. You can find more about it at Dormir. This is the case with other bookmakers such as Sportingbet, Unibet, Bet at Home and so on.

The same can be said for football matches. If you look at the odds, you will see that for the matches from small championships, the average margin of the bookmakers is about 6-7 percent. For some betting (correct score, for example), it even reaches 12-14 percent. However, for matches in the Premier League and the Champions League, the margin is often less than 2 percent.

So if we want to have more chances of winning, then what we have to do is start betting where the margin is low. This will bring us more profits and will allow us to be successful even at lower rates of success.

Test your betting strategies with casino games

Sports betting is a simple game of probabilities and even when you have a perfect sense of how a match will end, you also calculate the percentage probability ratio for one of the teams together with the suggested by the bookmaker odds. All we are looking for a situation in which, according to one way or another, we have found that an possible ending is different in our favor than the rates offered by the bookmaker.

But the question is what do we do in these cases? How much should we risk and how is the best way to gamble? It’s a strategy of betting and it is essential to develop it if we want to win with sports betting.

Here we could use some casino games to test our betting money management. What are the advantages of casino games compared to sports betting? First, we can play consistently and at any time, rather than wait for the next game, which will be played on the end of the next week. On the other hand, the various casino games have the exact probabilities of what is the chance for something to happen. This is something which can’t be seen in sports betting.

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Let’s take for example the roulette. In it, the chances are completely calculated. Chances to drop on red or black box, and odd or even in European roulette are exactly 46.37 percent. The odds given by the casino is 2. From now on it is only a matter of your creativity and testing it to find the best possible option for making bets, which then can apply on sports betting. Your goal would be to shrink the gap between the expected probability and the results, so to be able to develop a strategy for the distribution of stakes to gain maximum profit. It sounds complicated, but it is a matter of testing.

The good news is that just as in sports betting, online casinos offer large number and different types of bonuses that we can use to play with the money of the casino. Something that will allow us to play longer without wasting our money and give us more opportunities to test what is ultimately our goal.

Tips for sports betting beginners

With the development of Internet sports betting has become a favorite thing to do for millions of people around the world. There are so many bookmakers worldwide that now we can bet on practically everything. However, to be successful and to feel enjoyment of the game, we have to follow certain rules to prevent the loss of money from the players. Here are some of them:

1. Have an action plan. When a person does not have an action plan and decided to bet on sporting events, it usually means a loss of lots of money. Often players who don’t have a plan bet without any idea ​​who play in the match, what is the form of the teams/player which is equal of losing money.

This is why it is important to have a pre-established plan which says how and when a bet will be made, which matches are good for betting and which are not, and what to do in case of a major series of wrong predictions.

2. Use the bonuses offered by the bookmakers. The high level of competition between the bookmakers has many benefits for the players. One of them is that all bookmakers offer bonuses to its customers. Thanks to them, we can play without any risk, which combined with the right strategy gives very good opportunities for gaining profit from sports betting.

3. Learn constantly. The community of sports betting fans around the world helps for accessing to information. Thanks to the Internet, each player can search constantly for new strategies and tactics that brought profit to other players around the world. At the same time it helps to avoid serious mistakes that saves money.

4. Do not rush. The profit from sports betting should be pursued with patience. Usually big bets is equal to heavy losses and that’s why, each novice in the game must be patient. Much better is to learn what works and what does not while playing with small amounts than to experience the disappointment of losing a lot of money.

Four simple and easy advices for beginners in sports betting, but if followed will save you money. Read them again, understand them and use them constantly. Thus, the pleasure of gambling will be greater and you could even starting winning money.

Betting preview: Poland vs Portugal

The big matches from the European Football Championship is going to start and the first of them is the quarter-final match between Portugal and Poland. Both teams will start fighting at 9 PM local time and the venue of the event will be the stadium in Marseille.

Portugal and Poland don’t impress so far, which is more true for Portugal, as they in their four matches so far drew four in the regular time. Especially weak was the last match against Croatia in which the Portuguese managed to make only 3 goal attempts for the first 90 minutes. However, it should be noted that they are among the teams with most goal attempts so far – 74. For comparison, Poland’s player have 20 less.

Unlike his contenders, Poland managed to take two victories in their previous games and drew twice. The penalties helped them against Switzerland in the last round, but overall the team did not impress much.

A quick look at the odds offered by the bookmakers worldwide shows they quite properly calculated the various possibilities and offer odds, which is difficult to use for something interesting. However, the match between Poland and Portugal at the European Championship can be used for a good start in bet365, especially with their starting bonus. Without big worries you could sign up, pick up a bonus code and play with all money the bookmaker gives you a bet that both teams will not score in the match. Bet365 offers odds of 1.57 for such bet and the odds is high enough to qualify for scrolling the bonus.

Why the bet that both Poland and Portugal will not score in the regular time is good? Overall both teams experience fatigue, which directly affects the ability to attack. Ronaldo and Robert Lewandowski are not in the level we use to know, which makes it difficult to imagine many goals in the match. Portugal showed that in important matches they play with great caution, something which would be quite welcomed by the Polish defenders who with the absence of pressure will be able to reduce the mistakes.

So, take the advantage of the starting deposit bonus offered by bet365 and bet for BTNTS for Poland and Portugal. We will do the same.

The free fall of Chelsea

Chelsea Football Club is in a very difficult situation at the moment. Everything is developing very quickly. Only within the last three months Chelsea was a team which was the main contender for the title in England and now is a team that have to fight to be ranked in the top four. All this fell on the head of the manager Jose Mourinho. He is in the worst phase of his career and these are the worst results he has achieved so far. Everything started at the beginning of the season with the scandal, which he created with one of the major medics of the team Eva Carneiro. This happened in the first game of the season against Swansea. In one situation late in the game he used abusive language at her address and that led to a huge scandal.

As we all know Jose is either highly loved or hated strongly. His enemies took advantage of this story and that is how it all began. He was criticized by almost everybody who is involved in football for both the scandal with the beautiful Eve and the bad results of the team this season. So far, in Premier League history, there was no team that managed to qualify in the top four with at least 13 points in the first 10 rounds.

And because Chelsea was a contender for the title in August, it should be added that there is no team that have won the title without at least 18 points in the first 10 rounds. The Special one lost 6 of their last 12 games. Before that he had made 6 losses for 64 matches. All of this shows the poor play of the team led by him. In the past, the strong defence and the defensive style of play was a trademark for Chelsea when they were led by the Portuguese.

Now they have allowed 19 goals in 10 matches. The huge number of rotations made in that area of the pitch bring problems and don’t give the needed security. The factors for this are many and we need only to note that the statute of John Terry is not what it was only a few months ago. The red cards and the admission of easy goals are the main disadvantages of this team so far this season. They have conceded first goal in five of their last 10 games, something that happened only eight times in all matches played in the last campaign.

Jose likes to be a major topic for comments which are related to his team. In this way he reduces the pressure off the players. This time, however, is a little too much, after all the problems he has with referees and some other manager in the league.

What will happen is something that remains to be seen?

Betting preview for United vs Tottenham

On August 8, 2015 starts the new campaign in the Premier League. The opening match would be between Manchester United and Tottenham.

In 39 games between these two teams the Reds have a total of 24 wins, 10 games were draws and only 5 matches ended with wins for the Spurs. The last time when Spurs won in this derby was on 31 Decemeber 2014. However, these figures may not be indicative when such derby is going to be played. The Londoners’ last campaign showed a very high level and many predict this campaign would be even better for them. Their young manager Mauricio Pochettino has proved to be a specialist at very high level and is certainly prepared many surprises for United.

On the other side Louis van Gaal has the experience on his account. In addition, he used a large amount of money to buy new players for the squad. With the new players and those who stayed United gives signals that they will fight for the first place this year. The Dutchman is accused that he runs the club in a very strict regime. Probably this is the reason why several important world class players already left United.

However, there is another thing that bothers United fans. It is easy to be seen that Manchester United lost its power after the withdrawal of Sir Alex Ferguson. They do not have that confidence which he taught them. Now there are many new names on the team. They are very active in the recent transfer windows and they used lots of money without any success.

According to Bet-at-home, ufabet, Bet365, Bwin, William Hill, Betfair and many other bookmakers the favorite in this match is Manchester United. Of the last 21 matches at Old Trafford against Tottenham, they have won 16. 2 matches ended as wins for Tottenham and there were 3 draw matches. It is interesting to note that in the last 3 visits for the whites at Old Trafford there were two when they left as winners. Without many stars in their squad Tottenham was very close to the top four last year. Now they would also try to attack the places in the Champions League.

Community Shield – Arsenal vs Chelsea preview

A London derby will decide the winner of Community Shield for 2015. The two big London teams Arsenal and Chelsea will meet on 02 Aug this year.

Over the years, this trophy was called the Charity Shield, but unfortunately it losts its shine. However, this match would be a huge derby and it would bring many interesting moments to all football fans.

Arsenal bought several new players. Petr Cech is one of them. His presence in the team will bring a lot of security and safety in the defensive phase of the game. In the recent years Arsenal is trying to accumulate a lot of strength in the midfield. Buying players is no longer a problem for Wenger as all of the large payments for their new stadium have been made. For this type of financial policy Arsene Wenger took many negatives, but his results will decide whether he will remain at Emirates in the future.

Jose Mourinho would most likely use his new star in the match. We talk about Radamel Falcao who made a very weak season for Manchester United last year. The Portuguese specialist likes Falcao and tried several times to buy him when the Columbian was a huge star in Atletico Madrid. Mourinho tried once again when Falcao played for Monaco for but he didn’t succeed again. However, after so many attempts he is now in London and he can continue his brilliant career.

Chelsea used the least players last season and now it seems this is going to be changed. The season is long with many matches and fights on many fronts. Whether Chelsea needs another new players will be clear in about 3 months.

Chelsea’s attack is focused not only with Diego Costa, but also with many attacking midfielders. Probably this is the reason why Chelsea is the favorite for almost all bookies like Bet-at-home, Bet365, Bwin, William Hill and Betfair. The odds with judi slot is around 2.40 for their win.

However, there is one thing which is sure about this game. Both teams will have something to fight for. This season expectations are Chelsea and Arsenal to fight for the highest place in the final standings.