Tips for sports betting beginners

With the development of Internet sports betting has become a favorite thing to do for millions of people around the world. There are so many bookmakers worldwide that now we can bet on practically everything. However, to be successful and to feel enjoyment of the game, we have to follow certain rules to prevent the loss of money from the players. Here are some of them:

1. Have an action plan. When a person does not have an action plan and decided to bet on sporting events, it usually means a loss of lots of money. Often players who don’t have a plan bet without any idea ​​who play in the match, what is the form of the teams/player which is equal of losing money.

This is why it is important to have a pre-established plan which says how and when a bet will be made, which matches are good for betting and which are not, and what to do in case of a major series of wrong predictions.

2. Use the bonuses offered by the bookmakers. The high level of competition between the bookmakers has many benefits for the players. One of them is that all bookmakers offer bonuses to its customers. Thanks to them, we can play without any risk, which combined with the right strategy gives very good opportunities for gaining profit from sports betting.

3. Learn constantly. The community of sports betting fans around the world helps for accessing to information. Thanks to the Internet, each player can search constantly for new strategies and tactics that brought profit to other players around the world. At the same time it helps to avoid serious mistakes that saves money.

4. Do not rush. The profit from sports betting should be pursued with patience. Usually big bets is equal to heavy losses and that’s why, each novice in the game must be patient. Much better is to learn what works and what does not while playing with small amounts than to experience the disappointment of losing a lot of money.

Four simple and easy advices for beginners in sports betting, but if followed will save you money. Read them again, understand them and use them constantly. Thus, the pleasure of gambling will be greater and you could even starting winning money.

Betting preview: Poland vs Portugal

The big matches from the European Football Championship is going to start and the first of them is the quarter-final match between Portugal and Poland. Both teams will start fighting at 9 PM local time and the venue of the event will be the stadium in Marseille.

Portugal and Poland don’t impress so far, which is more true for Portugal, as they in their four matches so far drew four in the regular time. Especially weak was the last match against Croatia in which the Portuguese managed to make only 3 goal attempts for the first 90 minutes. However, it should be noted that they are among the teams with most goal attempts so far – 74. For comparison, Poland’s player have 20 less.

Unlike his contenders, Poland managed to take two victories in their previous games and drew twice. The penalties helped them against Switzerland in the last round, but overall the team did not impress much.

A quick look at the odds offered by the bookmakers worldwide shows they quite properly calculated the various possibilities and offer odds, which is difficult to use for something interesting. However, the match between Poland and Portugal at the European Championship can be used for a good start in bet365, especially with their starting bonus. Without big worries you could sign up, pick up a bonus code and play with all money the bookmaker gives you a bet that both teams will not score in the match. Bet365 offers odds of 1.57 for such bet and the odds is high enough to qualify for scrolling the bonus.

Why the bet that both Poland and Portugal will not score in the regular time is good? Overall both teams experience fatigue, which directly affects the ability to attack. Ronaldo and Robert Lewandowski are not in the level we use to know, which makes it difficult to imagine many goals in the match. Portugal showed that in important matches they play with great caution, something which would be quite welcomed by the Polish defenders who with the absence of pressure will be able to reduce the mistakes.

So, take the advantage of the starting deposit bonus offered by bet365 and bet for BTNTS for Poland and Portugal. We will do the same.

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