Antepost Betting Option for Premier League 2018/2019

English Premier League is becoming increasingly interesting and the battle for the first place between Liverpool and Manchester City has led everyone to follow the results of both teams. Last round Liverpool had 7 points advantage and their chances for the championship title were excellent. However, the loss in the direct match against City with 1:2 gave new hopes for Pep Guardiola and his players to defend their title from last year. But what do the bookmakers think about who will be England’s champion for this season? We can find that out if we look at the odds for the final winner of the championship given by the bookies.

Of course, thanks to their four clear points advantage, Liverpool is still the favorite. The odds for the reds to become champions are right now 1.83. Right behind them are Manchester City with 2.25. The bet for the latter looks really promising because the four points difference is not that much and in the next few rounds Liverpool are going to have a major match as a Manchester United away. A possible loss in this match will reduce the odds of Manchester City which could give good options to cash out a possible bet, made today.

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But, to make the game even more attractive if you decide to be a risky player and you think neither Liverpool nor Manchester City will be England’s champions this season, then the odds you will get for the other teams are more than good. If you bet for Tottenham to win the championship, you will get odds of 17. Chelsea’s chances are calculated at 126. Interestingly, Manchester United has better chances to become a champion – 251 than those for Arsenal – 501, although the London players are ahead in the current standings.

One such high-odds bet for the Premier League title is not that unjustified. Just remember the 1997/1998 season when Arsenal was behind with 12 after Manchester United on Christmas but nevertheless became champion two rounds before the end.