How to win from sports betting

One of the hardest things which one could face is to win money from sports betting. The reason for that is in the margin which the bookmakers use. The margin is that magical thing that brings profits to the bookmakers and makes us lose money in the long run. If you are not aware of what is a margin, let’s explain it with few words. Let’s say the odds for a football match to end with more or less than 2.5 goals are 50 to 50, but the bookmaker gives you odds as if the odds were 48 to 48 percent. The remaining 4 to 100 percents are actually the bookmaker’s profit. These 4 percent lead us to loss in the long run while betting.

The margin varies with individual bookmakers, individual sports and competitions and even with the different betting options for one particular sporting event. It can be between 2 and 14 and even more. Hence the answer to the question of how to win from sports betting and it is very simple. We have to bet on sports and matches where the margin is low. This increases our profit and allows us to earn something even with a lower success rate.

Take, for example NBA basketball matches and tennis matches from ATP. You will notice that the odds for winning Asian handicap in basketball matches is 1.91 in Bet365, while the same odds for tennis matches are 1.83. This is a big difference and shows that if we concentrate basically on basketball at the expense of tennis, we will have more chances for success in the long run. You can find more about it at Dormir. This is the case with other bookmakers such as Sportingbet, Unibet, Bet at Home and so on.

The same can be said for football matches. If you look at the odds, you will see that for the matches from small championships, the average margin of the bookmakers is about 6-7 percent. For some betting (correct score, for example), it even reaches 12-14 percent. However, for matches in the Premier League and the Champions League, the margin is often less than 2 percent.

So if we want to have more chances of winning (try sports betting Malaysia), then what we have to do is start betting where the margin is low. This will bring us more profits and will allow us to be successful even at lower rates of success. cari tempat syair terlengkap dan terbaik hanya di forum syair hk tempatnya diskusi togel hk live hongkong wla