The free fall of Chelsea

Chelsea Football Club is in a very difficult situation at the moment. Everything is developing very quickly. Only within the last three months Chelsea was a team which was the main contender for the title in England and now is a team that have to fight to be ranked in the top four. All this fell on the head of the manager Jose Mourinho. He is in the worst phase of his career and these are the worst results he has achieved so far. Everything started at the beginning of the season with the scandal, which he created with one of the major medics of the team Eva Carneiro. This happened in the first game of the season against Swansea. In one situation late in the game he used abusive language at her address and that led to a huge scandal.

As we all know Jose is either highly loved or hated strongly. His enemies took advantage of this story and that is how it all began. He was criticized by almost everybody who is involved in football for both the scandal with the beautiful Eve and the bad results of the team this season. So far, in Premier League history, there was no team that managed to qualify in the top four with at least 13 points in the first 10 rounds.

And because Chelsea was a contender for the title in August, it should be added that there is no team that have won the title without at least 18 points in the first 10 rounds. The Special one lost 6 of their last 12 games. Before that he had made 6 losses for 64 matches. All of this shows the poor play of the team led by him. In the past, the strong defence and the defensive style of play was a trademark for Chelsea when they were led by the Portuguese.

Now they have allowed 19 goals in 10 matches. The huge number of rotations made in that area of the pitch bring problems and don’t give the needed security. The factors for this are many and we need only to note that the statute of John Terry is not what it was only a few months ago. The red cards and the admission of easy goals are the main disadvantages of this team so far this season. They have conceded first goal in five of their last 10 games, something that happened only eight times in all matches played in the last campaign.

Jose likes to be a major topic for comments which are related to his team. In this way he reduces the pressure off the players. This time, however, is a little too much, after all the problems he has with referees and some other manager in the league.

What will happen is something that remains to be seen?